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Evangel University Archives


The Evangel library houses the official university archives. The archives are located on the mezzanine in the Klaude Kendrick Library. 

Access to the Archives’ materials must be arranged with our volunteer Archivists,Shirley Shedd and Beccy Stocks;or with Rick Oliver, the Library Director. For more information, you may also call 417-865-2815 ext. 7268.

Archival holdings include:

  • Thousands of pictures
  • Old yearbooks and student handbooks
  • Complete collection of the Lance (Evangel’s student newspaper)
  • Oral history tapes and transcripts
  • Various historical and classroom documents, including syllabi and Vision, the Alumni publication
  • CBC school archives materials

Perhaps Evangel's premiere collection is the O'Reilly Hospital Collection, covering the former World War II O'Reilly Hospital, which became the home to Evangel University in 1954. This collection includes pictures of the old military barracks, hospital operating rooms, other preserved pictures, maps, oral history tapes with transcripts and other information from the time the hospital was in operation. The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center is another recommended source for information on the spiritual heritage of the university.

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Organizational Method

Though thousands of pictures are currently being digitized, for now all items are stored in archival boxes in two rooms on the second floor of the Klaude Kendrick Library. The archivists have organized the items according to type and size, and have also made available various finding aids to make access easy for visitors. More information, including these finding aids, is available upon request.

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Special Services

Requests for photos and other information are filled on a case-by-case basis depending on copyright restrictions. However, Shirley Shedd is usually more than willing to email picture files or fax information as needed to the press or individual researchers. When extensive research is needed, it is recommended that the researcher visit Evangel University in person.

The credit line, "Used by permission of Evangel University Archives" should appear with published photographs, along with appropriate credits in bibliographies, forewords or introductions. Copies of publications that include information from the Evangel University Archives are also appreciated.

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