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Collection Development


The library encourages gifts and donations of useful materials provided that there are no restrictions attached.  Gifts shall be handled by the library staff according to the following criteria:

  • Donations shall be treated as all other acquired material and shall undergo the same evaluation for selection according to the priorities established by current curriculum needs and the scope of the library collections.
  • The library is free to dispose of any unneeded publications regardless of how they were acquired.
  • The library cannot legally appraise gifts for tax purposes.



Suggest a Purchase

If there is a particular book, resource, or area of interest in which you believe the library should purchase materials, fill out a

Suggest a Purchase request form

Although our budget is limited, we try our best to purchase resources that will enhance student learning and the educational mission of the university.

Challenged Materials

Any library patron may challenge materials that he/she finds offensive or objectionable.  Wishing to be sensitive to our community, the library staff has placed this mechanism at the disposal of the patrons who wish to state concerns.

  • A form is available at the circulation desk on which a patron may file the complaint.
  • The form gives the patron an opportunity to express all concerns about the materials that he/she may find offensive or objectionable.
  • When a complaint is made, the offending material is removed from the shelves, usually within 24 hours, pending the outcome of the review.
  • The Director and the Provost will review the specific offending portions jointly, in consultation with other library administrators or the AGTS Academic Dean as needed.  If warranted, the Director and the Provost may choose to confer with the department chair(s) whose field(s) the materials have relevance.
  • A full report will be made to the patron with an explanation of actions taken.
  • Any patron may request a visit with the Library Director to discuss collection policies or express concerns in lieu of filing a challenge form.