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Students deserve a library environment conducive to serious study. Common library courtesy includes the following:

  • Library patrons should show appropriate restraint as to the length and volume of their conversations in library study areas.  The reference room of the EU Kendrick library and the study tables in the AGTS library first floor will at times be used for collaborative learning activities but we ask that patrons working in these locations make reasonable efforts to respect other researchers and that they refrain from loud or lengthy conversations in all other library study areas.
  • Patrons are welcome to bring their children with them to the library when necessary.  However, we request that patrons closely supervise the behavior of children that they bring with them to the library. The library staff reserves the right to ask patrons to move children to another location in the library or remove them altogether if it is determined that they are creating an excessive disturbance in the library's computer and study facilities.
  • Patrons are not to monopolize study carrels or reference materials, allowing for reasonable access for all patrons. As a general principle, books left in unattended study carrels will be checked in and re-shelved.  Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by a library administrator.

Before leaving the library, patrons should return materials to designated return locations: the Circulation Desk or one of the book return tables in the study areas. Do not attempt to reshelve any books that you have removed from library shelves.