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Food and Drink Policy

Although food and drink are generally allowed in the Evangel University libraries, some restrictions and guidelines are necessary because of the potential for damage to library materials, either through direct contact with library materials or indirectly as a result of increased potential for pest infestations.  Therefore, the library staff will enforce the following policies:

  • Food and drink are NOT allowed in the following areas:
    • Library Computer workstations, printers, or copiers
    • In Direct Contact with Library shelving
    • Special Collections Rooms (at AGTS)
  • Food and drink are allowed when using the study tables (with the exception of those in the Special Collection study rooms), study carrels, and reading areas with the following guidelines:
    • Drinks must be in covered containers or capped bottles
    • You must dispose of trash and clean up any mess you may have made before leaving the library.  At AGTS, be sure to dispose of the trash in the large trash containers on the first floor to insure that the trash will be removed promptly.
    • Deliveries of food to the library are not permitted.  You may only have food that you directly brought to the library on your own.
  • You are responsible for any damage caused by food or drink you bring into the library.  Please report any accidents or spills to the library staff as quickly as possible.

The library staff reserves the right to ask patrons to remove food from the library if it is determined that the eating activity in question has the potential to damage library property or is having a disruptive effect on the library study environment.