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DVD/VHS Players

For the EU Kendrick library,  DVD/VHS players are provided in some of the study carrels in the second level of the Circulation Collection.  Patrons are asked to use headphones when viewing videos in this area.

For the AGTS library, see the Special Collection Study Rooms section for details concerning the DVD/VHS player and television monitor.

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CD/Cassette Players

Check at the Circulation Desks for information concerning portable CD/cassette players and headphones. This equipment is for use in the library and may be used in one of several carrels that are equipped with electrical outlets. Earphones or headphones should be used when listening to any audio recordings in the library.

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Microform Readers

Both the EU Kendrick library and the AGTS library are equipped with microform readers. These machines are available for student use and include printers that will produce photocopies from microfilm or microfiche. There is no charge for photocopies of microforms. Library personnel are available to make copies for patrons upon request. The cost for such service is $.10 per page.

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Both the EU Kendrick library and the AGTS library are equipped with a copy machine/scanner. A current student card is required in order to make copies or scans. These machines can be used to scan and email an electronic copy of a document to a patron's personal email account or to scan and save it to a personal USB drive.  Guests who wish to make copies must make arrangements with the library circulation staff in order to access one of these machines.

Library personnel are also available to make copies or scans for patrons upon request. The cost for such services is $.10 per page.  The library staff can email copies of requested pages to distance students but will only do so if the request falls within the limits of the Copyright Law of the United States.

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