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RightNow Media

RightNow Media

RightNow Media  is a streaming library of more than 20,000 Bible study video for leaders to share with their people. Your  free account from Evangel University gives you access to biblical video content for everyone in your family. 

There’s also a library just for kids with over 2,000 episodes. Packed with family-friendly Bible studies and shows, this library can inspire family devotions and faith-based conversations while also providing wholesome entertainment for kids of all ages.



Adam Matthew Explorer

Adam Matthew Explorer Trial

EU Libraries are trialing access to the complete Adam Matthew Core Portfolio, a gateway to primary sources.  It covers content spanning the 15th to 21st centuries, in 113 collections with new ones added every year.  AM Explorer provides the premiere research experience with access to global archives, enhanced search functionality, and access to a wide variety of document types across multiple disciplines in social sciences and humanities. Content can be searched by regions, time periods, and themes: cultural studies, area studies, empire and globalism, history, politics, literature, theatre and more!

Check out the AM YouTube channel for tutorials, collections demos, faculty testimonies, and more.

The trial continues until the end of December. Feedback on the value of AM Explorer for EU courses will be highly appreciated. For access to it, contact Rick Oliver, the EU Libraries Director.



SAGE Journals - Premier

EU Libraries have acquired a NEW database - SAGE Journals Premier. You now have electronic access to more than 1,100 international, peer-reviewed journals (over 1 million articles), including high-impact research titles published in partnership with over 400 scholarly and professional societies. Full text access is provided back to 1999.  

Explore the latest research at SAGE Discipline Hubs, which provide content from across disciplines in Humanities & Social Sciences, as well as Science, Engineering and Medicine.

New and Best-Selling Titles are featured in catalogs to make it easy to learn about the latest offerings. Select a discipline and find the right text for your course.

700 Years of Dante's "Divine Comedy" in the Arts

William Blake, “The Lovers' Whirlwind, Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta”, ca. 1824–1827. Inferno,Canto V.

Alongside Dante's impact on literature and writers such as Chaucer, Milton, Mary Shelley, T.S. Eliot, Gogol, numerous artists, such as Botticelli, Blake, Dore, Dali, and musicians have also tried to render the Commedia in expressive images and compositions. The authors of this article have collected visions of the Commedia from the last seven centuries. Each image is linked through to its source where you can often view more images in a series. 

Springfield Art Museum Exhibit - The Inferno of Dante: Etchings by Michael Mazur, Sept.18, 2021-Feb. 20, 2022

Music and rhythm are ingrained in the texture of the Commedia, but can it ever be successfully turned into music itself? Find out some of the enchanted composers who did it and enjoy their music!

Dante's 700th Anniversary

In 2021 the EU Libraries showcase book displays, digital resources, virtual exhibits and events, which commemorate the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri's death. Dante (1265-1321), who established the use of the vernacular in literature, is considered to be the "father" of the Italian language. His epic poem the Divine Comedy , illustrated by William Blake (1824-27), among many other artists, is characterized by Pope Francis as "one of the highest expressions of human genius". It has influenced a plethora of literary geniuses and artists worldwide who lived after him. Dante was the poet who had no smaller ambition than to show humanity how to obtain salvation. Check out our News & Events page and stay tuned for more news and activities related to the Dante's year.


Torah Scroll on Display

A 19th-century Torah Scroll has recently been gifted to EU and AGTS to benefit students in their theological studies. The 138-foot-long scroll was declared psaul, or not usable in Jewish tradition, due to damages. The scroll originated from Eastern Europe and was found by Jewish immigrants after World War II. It has been donated by Barb and Ken Larson, founders of God's Ancient Library Foundation. Come to the Cordas Burnett - AGTS library to see this authentic Torah Scroll!

New Testament Use of the Old Testament

New Testament Use of the Old Testament

Welcome to the research guide dedicated to BTH 901 The New Testament Use of the Old Testament course, taught by Professor Emeritus W.E. Nunnally

"This course is designed to illuminate the history, culture, language, religion, texts and institutions of Judaism that provide the background of the events and writings of the New Testament which are critical to its understanding." Special attention is given to the Intertestamental Periodalso called the second temple period. Most of the resources in this guide are open access, i.e., freely available online to the EU students, faculty, as well as the general public. Check it out!

Image: The Great Isaiah Scroll, Dead Sea Scrolls Collection
Source: Wikimedia Commons, Google Art Project

OER: Women in Ministry and Leadership

OER - Women in Ministry and Leadership: An Anthology

Open Educational Resource (OER) - Research Guide

The first openly licensed online textbook published by the AGTS, created by Professor Debbie Gill and her students for the Biblical Theology of Women in Leadership course, Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree program. The textbook is freely available on the Open Educational Resources Commons (OERC) website.

OER - New Testament Theology of Discipleship

OER - New Testament Theology of Discipleship: An Anthology

Open Educational Resource (OER) - Research Guide

The second openly licensed online textbook published by the AGTS, created by Professor Debbie Gill and her students for the New Testament Theology of Discipleship course. The textbook is freely available on the Open Educational Resources Commons (OERC) website.


LibreTexts: The World's Most Popular Free Online Textbook Platform

Free the TextbookThe Next Step in Textbook Evolution

Unlike traditional textbooks, LibreTexts' web-based origins allow powerful integration of new technologies to enhance student engagement, as content can be so much more than just text and images.

OpenStax Tech Scout

OpenStax Tech Scout

OpenStax Tech Scout

A new tool for searching the OpenStax textbooks by means of advanced filters such as interactivity, assignment management, online homework, grading, adaptivity, verified by instructors, app availability, and more. Check it out!



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