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New Testament Theology of Discipleship

New Testament Theology of Discipleship: An Anthology

OER - New Testament Theology of Discipleship: An Anthology

Open Educational Resources (OER) - Research Guide

The second openly licensed online textbook published by the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS), created by Professor Debbie Gill and her students for the New Testament Theology of Discipleship master's level course. 

The textbook is freely available on the Open Educational Resources Commons (OERC) website.

OER: Women in Ministry and Leadership

OER - Women in Ministry and Leadership: An Anthology

OER - Women in Ministry and Leadership: An Anthology

Open Educational Resource (OER) - Research Guide

The first openly licensed online textbook published by the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS), created by Professor Debbie Gill and her students for the Biblical Theology of Women in Leadership course, Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree program.

The textbook is freely available on the Open Educational Resources Commons (OERC) website.

Enculturation and Spiritual Development Across Cultures

OER - Evangel University Students' Work: Enculturation and Spiritual Development Across Cultures

OER - EU Students' Work: Enculturation and Spiritual Development Across Cultures

Open Educational Resources (OER) - Research Guide

A short collection, featuring the work of students in Dr. Mark Kinney's undergraduate level course ICST 471, ANTH 470, SOCI 493: Enculturation and Spiritual Development Across Cultures (2022-2023), taught at Evangel University (EU)

This collection can be used as a supplement to the open textbook used in this course - Discovering Cultural Anthropology, 2022, by Antonia M. Santangelo. Check it out!

The module is freely available on the Open Educational Resources Commons (OERC) website.



"The J. Paul Getty Museum just released more than 88 thousand works under Creative Commons Zero (CCØ), putting the digital images of items from its impressive collection squarely and unequivocally into the public domain. 

This is in line with our advocacy efforts at Creative Commons (CC): digital reproductions of public domain material must remain in the public domain. In other words, no new copyright should arise over the creation of a digitized “twin.”

Thus, “users can download, edit, and repurpose high resolution images of their favorite Getty artworks without any legal restrictions.” The museum’s Open Content database is a wellspring of art that is bound to inspire myriad new creative reuses." 

Go to the Art Digital Collections page of the Open Access research guide for a permanent link to Getty's Open Content database.

Copyright & the Classroom

Do you have questions on the complexities of the U.S. Copyright law and its application in higher education and the classroom? You will find the answers in the EU Libraries newly created research guide "Copyright & the Classroom".  Check it out!

WorldCat - Open Acces

WorldCat - Open Access makes it easy to find open content from libraries around the world. Just look for the “Open Access/Content” checkbox in the left navigation pane. Then you can further refine your search by language, author, format, publication year, and more. Open content is available both from traditional publishers as well as from leading open access providers, including: Directory of Open Access Books, Directory of Open Access Journals, OAIster, Open Book Publishers, and more. 

Find more about Open Content from WorldCat.

Library Resources in Spanish

Library Resources in Spanish

Check out the Library Resources in Spanish research guide dedicated to library resources for Assemblies of God Theological Seminary students in the Spanish language. In this guide you will find links to library catalogues, search engines, databases, repositories, journals, articles, eBooks, textbooks, dissertations, theses, and more. 

Most of the resources are OPEN ACCESS, i.e., freely available online, thus they can be used by the general public too. A smaller part of the resources contain licensed content, which can be accessed only with appropriate credentials.

Image source: Circle Assembly of God

Distance Students Services

Distance Students Services

Look into the services the EU Libraries provide to our distance students. Review the policies and rules for checking out books, requesting copies of articles, and more. 

Find items and request them through local public libraries by using the WorldCat.

Check the Open Access Digital Theological Library for free high-quality content in religious studies and related disciplines.

Wondering where to purchase your books from?  Start from the online bookshops selected by a librarian to find the best value. 

Be sure to check the Open Access research guide, if you need to find free online books, articles, dissertations, media and other resources, regardless of your location and status at EU and AGTS. 

If you have questions, fill the form Ask a Librarian and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Image source: Designed to Inspire: musings about instructional design blog.

Student-Led OER Collection

Student-Led OER Collection

Student-Led OER Collection 

This collection features open pedagogy projects: student-authored OER that empower students to be involved in the creation of their course. These projects range from collections of essays to design portfolios, personal stories, research projects, student guides, and more. The projects in this collection are open access and can be used to inspire your own class projects. Check it out!

OpenStax Global Impact Map

OpenStax Global Impact Map

Check out this MAP to see the positive impact the OpenStax free textbooks are making on students' success around the world and at Evangel University.

About OpenStax and FAQ

OpenStax Impact at a Glance

Benefits of open educational materials (OER) over copyrighted materials.

OpenStax Kinetic - Kinetic brings together real students and learning researchers, with a vision to promote a more inclusive and personalized learning experience for all. Take part in studies and discover tips that could help you become a better student.

Image source:

AI in Higher Education

AI in Higher Education

EU Libraries research guide on AI and Education

Dive deeper with this comprehensive guide on ChatGPT for Educators, created by University of West Florida Library. Some of the topics covered are:

  • ChatGPT in the Classroom
  • Capabilities of GPT
  • Limits of GPT
  • Detecting Text Created by AI
  • AI and Academic Integrity, and more.


Active Learning

100 Ideas for Active Learning

100 Ideas for Active Learning is a practical handbook to inspire innovative, embodied educational experiences.

Practitioners from around the world have authored one hundred short chapters, which will encourage students to take an active learning approach to their studies. It is completely FREE, check it out!

Image source: Active Learning Network




"JSTOR journals, books, images, and PRIMARY SOURCES are integrated on a single, robust platform that uses the latest digital technologies and best practices." The database supports research and teaching in more than 75 disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences and mathematics, with publication dates ranging from 1665 to 2015.

What's in JSTOR? 

Explore the platform features and new tools for research:

JSTOR Text Analyzer (video tutorial) - upload a document and search for articles based on your text. Link to Text Analyzer.

Research Basics - learn about effective searching, evaluating credibility, and properly citing sources

Research Guides - organized by topics to facilitate effective and efficient searches.

JSTOR content can be accessed through "Search Everything" box or from the Databases tab, A-Z list.  



BrowZine provides seamless journal browsing and reading. The intuitive presentation of the library’s subscribed journals are organized using a powerful taxonomy to provide visually browsable and readable format with one-click access to PDFs.

Access is available on the web (fully mobile responsive) and via dedicated iOS and Android applications. Users can personalize their experience with My Bookshelf and My Articles to easily follow titles of interest and read saved articles offline. 

Find an article by DOI or PMID - instant access to millions of articles provided by your library.

BrowZine User Tutorial - a video tutorial (2:36 min)

LibKey Nomad Browser Extension

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that automatically provides links to full-text articles as you do research on the web and visit sites such as Wikipedia and PubMed. LibKey Nomad delivers fastone-click access to PDF and HTML articles, both licensed and open access content. If you are off-campus, you will have to authenticate as an authorised user. LibKey Nomad will connect you with a pre-populated Interlibrary Loan (ILL) form when you land on a page where the PDF is not accessible.

LibKey Nomad browser extension delivers one-click article access - a video tutorial (1:58 min)

LibKey Nomad was designed for libraries with researcher privacy in mind. No user account is needed. No selling or sharing data with other service providers.

Get LibKey Nomad Now.

SAGE Digital Library

SAGE Digital Library

EU Libraries have acquired the following products from Sage Publishing, which provide content from across disciplines Social Sciences & Humanities, as well as Science, Engineering and Medicine.

SAGE Journals Premier. Provides electronic access to 1,100+ international, peer-reviewed journals (over 1 million articles). Full text access is provided back to 1999.  

SAGE Books (part of SAGE Knowledge Collection). Provides access to 4500+ electronic books.

SAGE Reference (part of SAGE Knowledge Collection). Provides electronic access to 1300+ reference titles (encyclopedias and handbooks).

CQ Press Library. This collection covers the following disciplines: American government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs.

Stay up-to-date with the latest publications at SAGE Discipline Hubs.

New and Best-Selling Titles are featured in catalogs to make their retrieval easy. Select a discipline and find the right text for your course.

SAGE content can be accessed through "Search Everything" box or the Databases tab, A-Z list.


Torah Scroll on Display

A 19th-century Torah Scroll has recently been gifted to EU and AGTS to benefit students in their theological studies. The 138-foot-long scroll was declared psaul, or not usable in Jewish tradition, due to damages. The scroll originated from Eastern Europe and was found by Jewish immigrants after World War II. It has been donated by Barb and Ken Larson, founders of God's Ancient Library Foundation. Come to the Cordas Burnett - AGTS library to see this authentic Torah Scroll!

OER in the classroom

Enhancing the Classroom at Evangel University with OER

On average, an Evangel student pays between $200 and $300 each semester for textbooks. Through OER, Evangel has saved students a collective total of $737,500.00 so far.

Dr. Kevin King - the current champion of OER at EU, a professor of exercise science in EU’s Kinesiology Department, accounts for $177,360.00 of this total! He has been using The Lift Project - a free website with wellness resources for his "Wellness Proficiency" first-year, core course.

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER) provide educators and learners with legal permissions to engage in the 5R activities: Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute.

OERs can be: course materials, open textbooks, videos, lesson plans, software, games, and more. They are free for the students and available on the first day of the semester.

A growing number of academic institutions are converting their courses to OER saving students millions of dollars. Look at the EU & AGTS Adopters of OER, their innovative work and the dollars they save to their students.  

OpenStax Global Impact - 140 countries use OpenStax textbooks - a world MAP

Check out these Success Stories, which will inspire your own work!

Get additional inspiration from the Student-led OER Collection, featuring open pedagogy projects that empower students to be involved in the creation of their course.

Explore Tools that Improve Teaching and Learning (Source: Lumen)


Open Access

Open Access

Check out the EU Libraries Open Access research guide where you will find free online resources accessible to students, faculty, and the general public: articles, journals, ebooks, dissertations, databases, video, and more!

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