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Copyright & the Classroom

Campus Guide to Copyright

This research guide presents information on various aspects of U.S. copyright law with an emphasis on its application in the higher education and the classroom. It is intended to be used by faculty, students, librarians, administrators at EU and AGTS, as well as by the general public. It contains text information and multimedia compiled from the following sources: Copyright Clearance Center; Stanford University Libraries; Columbia University Library; University of Texas at Austin and San Antonio Libraries;, Creative Commons, and Jeff Gates, a librarian at Cedarville University.

Note: Faculty are responsible for complying with copyright in their use of materials in courses, including evaluating the Fair Use of materials. Should you need further help with your questions, feel free to reach out to the librarian who has created this guide. 

Image credit: Horia Varlan, licensed under CC BY 2.0. 


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