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Open Educational Resources (OER): OER Conferences, Lightning Talks & Tutorials

OER Conferences & Presentations

OER Tutorials

These tutorials (about 30 min. each) were created by CCCOER in the summer of 2020 and are "ideal for faculty, librarians, and instructional designers who are new to OER or need a refresher on basic concepts related to finding, adapting, and teaching with open educational resources."  

Five video tutorials covering the following topics: 

  • Introduction to OER (29:46 min)
  • Copyright and Open Licensing Applied (28:10 min)
  • Searching for OER by discipline (15:55 min)
  • Designing Courses with OER (28:02)
  • Evaluating and Selecting OER (29:39 min)

Each tutorial is accompanied by Google slides and links shared in the chat, where such were provided.

Open Education Lightning Talks: Recordings & Slides

In December 2020, "the Creative Commons Open Education Platform hosted a series of open education “lightning talks” (7 minutes + Q&A) in which open education practitioners discussed their work and answered questions with a global audience." 

Here are the recordings of 24 lightning talks with slides and other resources on topics such as sustaining and improving OER, strategies for integrating OER, open learning experience, copyright challenge and online teaching, OER are not only textbooks, and many more.

Open University - OER Free Course