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Faculty Services

Course Reserves

Placing Items on Course Reserve

Faculty can request that books or articles be placed on reserve at any point in time by preparing a list of items and filling out and submitting the following form (you will be able to upload your list of requested items with the submitted form):




Several days prior to the start of each semester, the library circulation staff will email all faculty members a reminder with a link to the Course Reserve Request Form.  Faculty can set up a shelf of reserved books at either the Klaude Kendrick Library or Cordas C. Burnett Library circulation desk.

Although faculty will use the student portal to provide students with linked access to required articles, faculty can request that library staff assist with the process of locating and scanning particular journal articles or book chapters.

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General Policies

The policies governing the purpose and use of Course Reserve materials are as follows:

  • Faculty members may request that books in high demand for their classes carry a limited loan period--2 hours, 1 day or 3 days. These items will be kept at the Circulation Desk specified by the Faculty member for the duration of the course. Students wishing to view any of these materials must request the specific item(s) from circulation staff.
  • Reserve materials are to be used primarily by those who are currently taking the course for which the book has been reserved. Only students who are taking the course and the professor teaching the course will be allowed to remove 1 or 3 day reserve materials from the library. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by a library administrator.
  • Two-hour reserve materials are to be used in the library, unless the professor teaching the course has need to temporarily remove the book from the library.
  • Students may only borrow one reserve item at a time.
  • All reserve material may be renewed once for the same period of time as the original limited loan. However, the material may not be renewed if another student from the class has requested it.
  • All reserve books are subject to immediate recall upon notification if the situation warrants it.

In order to find lists of books currently available on reserve, perform a “Course Reserves” search in the EU Libraries online catalog.

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