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Off Campus Access

Accessing Online Library Resources

No passwords are required for off campus access to the Evangel University Libraries online catalog or the SWAN and MOBIUS online catalogs.

In order to perform searches through the EBSCO Discovery Service or to access any of the individual research databases licensed by the EU libraries, you will need to do the following:

  • Submit a search using the "Search Everything" search box provided on the library home page or click on any of the individual database links provided on the library's A-Z Databases page.
  • If this is the first time you have tried to connect to an EU library database during your browsing session, you will need to perform the following steps as well.
  • A Login page will open. Enter in the following information in the spaces provided:  Please Note: This is the same login that you would use to place MOBIUS or SWAN book requests or to access your library account.
    • Your Name
    • Library ID. 

      Your library ID will be your Evangel student number (the number that appears in your student card’s barcode), followed by the letters “EU” (all caps).

      For instance, your ID may look something like this: 10002345678EU   The number should be very similar to what appears in your student portal login but with some extra zeros inserted to bring the total number of digits to 11.As a general principle, it will likely be three additional zeros inserted immediately after the initial number.However, some may need to add a larger total of zeros.

      If you need to verify your student number, the home page of your student portal account will have the full number listed near the top of the screen.

    • Password.  If you have not already created a password, you can do so by entering a sequence of letters/numbers and clicking on “Submit.”  You will be responsible for creating and remembering your own password.  Please keep in mind that this is a separate password from what you create for your student portal account, although you are free to use the same sequence of letters and numbers. If you forget your password, you can create a new one by selecting the “Forget your password?” option or by contacting the library’s Circulation Desk for help.
    • Click Submit
  • If you want to set up bookmarked links to any of the individual databases, you will need to copy the links provided on the database list page from the library website.
  • Students in any Evangel degree program, including AGTS masters and doctoral students, have access to all of the databases licensed by the Evangel University libraries.