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HIS/MHT 556/557 World Christianity: HIS 556: World Christianity I

Introduction: World Christianity I

Welcome to HIS/MHT 556 World Christianity I, taught by Dr. Lisa Millen.

"This course examines the growth and cultural contexts of Christianity from the time of the ancient church to 1453. This study includes surveying the diversity of Christian traditions East and West, the expansion of the faith from the Middle East to Africa, Asia and Europe, missiological and theological developments, political and social dynamics, the rise of Islam and the Muslim conquests and the immediate contexts for the upheavals of the Reformation in the 16th century."

This guide is your one-stop place where you will find the required textbooks for the course, links to pertinent proprietary electronic library resources, as well as links to OPEN ACCESS (free online) resources (e-books, articles, multimedia, and more). The books, which are not available in the EU and/or MOBIUS Libraries, can be found on the and requested via an Interlibrary Loan service (ILL). Open access materials can be found the WorldCat by clicking the Open Access box on the left-hand side of the initial search results,

Check the list of online bookshops compiled by a librarian, where you can find the best bargains for your textbooks.

Image: The opening of St John’s Gospel, Armenian Gospel Book, 1608 AD, Public domain.


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