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BTH 901: New Testament Use of the Old Testament: Open Access: Articles, eBooks, Media & more

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Bible Unplugged

Bible Unplugged is the website of Dr. Wave Nunnally, Professor Emeritus of Early Judaism and Christian Origins, Evangel University, Springfield, Missouri.

On this site you will find rich information related to Jewish backgrounds, New Testament, Hebrew language and the land of Israel - areas of Dr. Nunnally's expertise, organized in: Articles, Videos, Holy Land Trips.

Required articles for the course:

The Prayers of Jesus: Not What He Prayed, but How He Prayed, Bible Unplugged, April 29, 2021. 

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?, Bible Unplugged, August 19, 2020. Originally published as: “Will the Real Jesus Stand Up? A Brief Comparison of the Person, Teaching, and Works of the Jesus of the Canonical Gospels and the Apocryphal Gospels.” (Enrichment Journal, Fall 2008).

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