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THTR 341: Costume Design: OA: Costumes in the Making (videos)

Introduction to basic elements and processes of costume design, including character/script analysis; research; visual design ideas and techniques.

Featured Costume Collections

The Lion King

All the videos feature interviews with Julie Taymor, a renowned costume designer.

COSTUME RESEARCH - Titanic's Costumes: Fact Checks (13 min)

Practitioners on Practice - On Costume Design

An interview with Katrina Lindsey (28:14 min) - a British awards-winner designer working for theatre, film, and TV productions such as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Sleeping Beauty, and more.

Encounters: Costume & Character - more interviews with Katrina Lindsey and other costume designers, choreographers, head of wardrobes on the philosophy, processes, skills, challenges, career paths, daily work and production examples (e.g., Mamma Mia, All My Sons, and more) related to costume design and maintenance (7 video interviews and 1 teaching resource).

Designers: Processes and Practicalities (16 min) - four interviews with designers - set, costumes, lighting, and sound.

Costume Society of America -> Museum Curator Profiles
"Each month, Costume Society of America publishes a profile of the curator who is featured in Dress & Drinks. These Conversations on Dress webinar series highlights collections around the country." 

Costumes Conservation

Croquis Drawing