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Summer Institute of Islamic Studies: An Apologetic Approach to Reach Muslims-2022


Welcome to MS 939 and MHT/THE 639  An Apologetic Approach to Reach Muslims, courses taught by  Dr. Stephen Krstulovich. 

"This course will look at the practical use of Irenics, Apologetics and Polemics, and their interactive roles in approaching Muslims with the Gospel. New approaches to handle common Muslim objections will be explored in the light of new discoveries comparing the historical foundations of Islam and Christianity."

On this page you will find some of the required and recommended books for the course, which are available in the EU Libraries. Consult the syllabus for the full list of course readings. The books, which are not available in the EU Libraries, can be found on the and requested via an Interlibrary Loan service (ILL). If you prefer to purchase the books, check the list of online bookshops compiled by a librarian, where you can find the best bargain, which in most cases will be cheaper than Amazon. This course page also provides links to OPEN ACCESS (free online) resources (ebooks, articles, media, and more).

Open Access (free online): Articles, eBooks, Media

Required Books

Recommended Books

Articles / eBooks / Dissertations from EUL Databases