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Distance Students Services

Copies of Journal Articles or Book Chapters

The Evangel University libraries are able to create PDF copies of journal articles or ranges of pages and then email these PDFs to Distance Students. 

How to Request Copies

In order to request copies, please use the following form: 

Place an Article or Book Chapter/Pages Request

Potential Costs

  • As a general policy, staff can make copies for students at a rate of $0.10/page.  Library staff will keep track of the number of copies needed to fill each request received.
  • The library will review records of total copies made near the end of each month.  The monthly accumulated fees will be charged to student accounts in the Business Office at that time.
  • After calculating the total copies for the month, the library will waive the fees for any Distance Student who made less than $5 worth of copies for the month (50 pages).


The EU libraries will comply with copyright laws and accordingly may need to limit the number of pages copied for works not considered “Public Domain.”

For books, the library will restrict the copied pages to one chapter or to no more than 10% of the work.